Years of Business Experience

The Stratageum team has over 25 years of experience in procurement, supplier diversity and vendor advocacy. We make use of our extensive relationships with Federal, State, local government, school officials and business leaders throughout the Commonwealth to advocate on behalf of Small, Women and Minority (SWaM) Businesses in their pursuit of providing superior goods and services to government, education and private sectors. The Stratageum team provides business and contract development, branding and strategic planning services for these SWaM businesses.

One company, Miller Meats ( contracted with Stratageum to provide business development, contract development and strategic planning services. This engagement resulted in the company contracting 13 times with the Commonwealth of Virginia to provide meat products, expansion of business opportunities with a Fortune 500 company and the owner being featured 4 times in the Daily Press newspaper, featured once in the Virginian-Pilot, featured once in Virginia Business, featured once in and two appearances on Connect, (formally known as Hampton Roads Business Weekly), a business focused program on the local ABC affiliate in Hampton Roads.

Small, Women and Minority Vendor Advocacy

Stratageum works with Federal, State and local governments, public institutions of higher education, local schools systems, trade and advocacy organizations, and prime contractors to develop partnerships to position small, women and minority owned businesses to successfully gain contract opportunities.
Stratageum will advocate on behalf of these businesses to ensure they are able to successfully compete in the market place thereby insuring capacity building to increase the quality and quantity of contracts performed.

Stratageum is a solutions-oriented company that specializes in building public-private partnerships that will deliver genuine value for small, women and minority business owners.


Supplier Diversity Strategies Leading to Measurable Results

Stratageum develops and implements supplier diversity programs for organizations in the public and private sector with achievable goals that are both efficient and effective.

Stratageum adheres to the philosophy that when a supplier diversity program is implemented properly, the whole community benefits, resulting in sustainable growth for small, women and minority businesses.


Brand Strategy and Growth

Stratageum develops and enhances your brand, both corporate and personal to position your organization for growth and expansion.


Media and Public Relations

Stratageum works to position your organization to “tell your story” with the most impactful and appropriate media strategy – to include digital and print. The goal is increase your presence in the community and the value you can bring to contracting organizations.


Business Development and Process Transformation

Stratageum works closely with the management and staff of small, women and minority owned business to transform their business processes to enable these businesses to successfully compete, win and deliver quality projects on time and on budget. Our team can help to establish the step-by-step changes that will enable your organization to optimize its use of resources and focus on strategies, contract development and corral the resources necessary to build capacity.

Stratageum tailors individual programs for small, women and minority owned businesses to combine vision with detailed, practical and measurable outcomes utilizing resources that are readily available in community.


Compliance and Contract Monitoring

Stratageum works with State and local governments and public educational institutions to ensure that the engagement of small, women and minority businesses are equal partners in government and education sponsored projects.

Stratageum has the ability to provide compliance reviews to ensure equity and that small, women and minority business owners achieve compliance with contract specifications as written to ensure their maximum engagement.


Conference and Academia Speaking

Stratageum provides public speakers on the topic of “Bridging the Gap” for small, women and minority business and works collaboratively with other public and private groups to provide the necessary training and support to these businesses to be successful in the marketplace, truly championing supplier diversity.

Conference and Academia topics include:


“Leadership and Organizational Culture”, Presentation to PUBP612: Public Management and Organizational Behavior, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, November 2018.
“The Intersection of Public Policy and Economic Justice in Virginia”, Batten Hour Series, Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, March 2018
“Telling your Story: Branding & Public Relations for Home-Based Businesses”, Home-Based Business Resource Fair & Conference, Williamsburg, VA, October 2017
“Developing A Strategic Marketing Campaign,” Presentation to COMM 440- Developing the Strategic
Campaign, Regent University, Virginia, November 2016
“Excelling as a Diverse Business Owner”, Keynote Plenary Speech, Minority Business Expo, Lynchburg, VA, April 2016
“Leadership and Business Innovation”, Minority Business Expo 2016, Lynchburg, VA, April 2016
“Leadership and Strategy Execution”, Minority Business Expo 2015, Lynchburg, VA 2015


Stratageum strongly encourages and advocates with government entities, educational institutions and private contractors to utilize these businesses in their procurements. This strategy increases economic development, entrepreneurship and growth within a community; 64% percent of all new jobs are created by small businesses.

•Business Development and Process Transformation
•Contract and Proposal Review and Submission
•Brand Strategy and Growth
•Compliance and Contract Monitoring and Reporting
•Media and Public Relations
•Conference and Academia Speaking
•Supplier Diversity Strategies Leading to Measurable Results
•Team Building and Leadership Development