Stratageum is a company that engages in a relentless pursuit to develop, increase capacity, branding, sustainability and to position small, women and minority owned businesses to successfully engage and contract with government, educational and private industry sectors. Stratageum strongly encourages and advocates with government entities, educational institutions, and private contractors to utilize these businesses in their procurements. This strategy increases economic development and growth within a community. It is imperative that all small, women and minority-owned businesses are engaged in successful commerce, as it is the only way that life, as we know it will continue to thrive.

Samuel Hayes III
Samuel Hayes IIIMPA, P.E.

Samuel Hayes III is the Managing Principle of Stratageum and leads the firm’s focus on positioning small, women and minority (SWaM) owned businesses to reach their fullest growth potential and the role SWaM businesses can play in increasing economic development and employment in their respective communities.

As a former Director of the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity and Special Assistant to the Governor for Small, Women and Business Development, Samuel was able to achieve the highest utilization of SWaM businesses owners doing business with the Commonwealth for both expenditures and percentages in the Commonwealth’s history.

 He graduated from Old Dominion University with a BS in Civil Engineering, has a Masters in Public Administration from Virginia Tech and is a Licensed Professional Engineer.

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My colleagues and clients know me as a highly creative and innovative marketer who can always be trusted to come up with a new approach to move all my clients to a stated objective and result.
Samuel Hayes III


The mission of Stratageum is to position small, women and minority (SWaM) owned businesses to successfully provide goods and services to the government, educational and private industry sectors while engaging governments, educational institutions and prime contractors to fully utilize these businesses. Stratageum’s desire is to “bridge the gap” for SWaM businesses to successfully compete in the marketplace. You may ask why the name Stratageum; It is a play on the wordStratagem, which denotes a strategy to overcome your competitors by providing superior goods and services.


The Stratageum team has more than 25 years of experience in leading major organizations in state government, local governments and banking. We are committed to an ethos of public service and to providing practical, cost-effective solutions to your problems. All our work is grounded in a set of ethical values that are embraced by the Stratageum team.

Vendor Advocacy and Development

The Stratageum team has more than 25 years of experience working with small, women and minority owned (SWaM) businesses. We are committed to positioning SWaM businesses with the tools to “bridge the gap” to effectively compete in the market place.

Cost Effective and Efficient Supplier Diversity Programs

We know that public sector agencies, organizations, colleges and universities are challenged to engage small, women and minority business owners in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. Therefore we develop and design Supplier Diversity programs that allow total community engagement to take place within the procurement arena.

Collaboration and Compliance

We work collaboratively with our clients and contractors to insure that contract terms are abided by to ensure fairness and equity. Our team takes the opportunity to understand the context in which our client’s desired outcomes are established thereby meeting their needs.

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